Rippled English Walnut Root R5

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This piece has the remains of a rot pocket on one corner I have highlighted this in the image, subject to shape it could turn out but if you wanted a wider deep shape then this is not suitable, I have discounted it on account of this.rnWhen dealing with walnut roots, which we do rarely these days only only then with very promising pieces after many hours of working on average material thinking that every root contains stunning material as its a root, they dont, I say that having cut a lot of them. Only the very best of them containing minimal shake, expectional colour and stripe are worth the trouble and effort of sawing, these are very rare. We deal with them by trimming back the last ft or so closest to the ground subject to the log to lessen the risk of damaging a very large expensive saw, these short pieces are then taken back to our yard where we then break them up into blockis firstly with a chainsaw then on to a bandsaw, the effort is sometimes repaid with stunning pieces such as this.rnrnThis item is fresh sawn so please treat as such, if you are unsure about how to do this a little research ahead of time would be my best advice.

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