Solid Burr Elm Bowl Blanks B8

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We have just cut three 4ft plus diameter solid burr elm logs, these were rejected by the veneer trade due to a very large cavity throughout them, we slabbed them and are just starting to resaw the cants ensuring it is all cut to produce the best eye pattern on the face of the blanks. The logs have been down for a while and whilst it is not dry by any means, due to the hollow present inside they are not wringing wet, they do need to be rough turned to dry or turned thin and left to warp. There is a very small soft spot I have outline in chalk, to tapers up from edge to the bottom and it will all go within a inch or less with the shape. To give you a idea of colour I have misted it with Meths in the second image, the colour is a lovely deep red with tiny eyes. The thickest of these blanks have been sealed once the images were taken.rnI would treat this as fresh sawn although it is not as wet as fresh sawn if that makes sense, some of these blanks up to to 7" thick they would never dry out even if we were to leave them the next 5years in which time they would check and open up. If you wish we can resaw these thicker blanks to give you two thinner ones. Sizes are on the piece as a guide, pictures play a major role in describing the item and this is best seen by looking at the end shots. Postage allows for up to 15kilos with a slight increase for up to 30kgrnPostage is for the mainland Uk only not to include isles or destinations classed as remote of the UPS carriers.rnThis piece weighs 7kg

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