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Quartersawn Black Walnut Back Side Set Material

Posted on Tuesday 10th January 2017
Whilst dealing with some of the roots below we also checked on a stunning log of marbled black Walnut we dealt with just over a year ago. This will be turned into accoustic sets at some point and it is the first time we have been fortunate enough to find a veneer quality log that we could quarter saw, the marbling of colours and straightness of grain is as good as it gets.

English Walnut Root Gunstock High Grade

Posted on Tuesday 10th January 2017
It's been a while since posting any news and good Walnut these last few months I haven't been offered or viewed of any size that even warranted a visit, most I didn't even request a picture of, so with the lack of stock coming in on time for us to be able to saw it I thought it about i tackled a few of the ugly looking dirt ridden Walnut roots in the yard of which we had a few with potential. My rule of thumb is to start the day with a newly sharpened chain and once we can no longer get it cut anything the day in the yard is over which can be ten minutes or if I am really lucky a couple of hours. After this phase the resulting pieces are taken back to the workshop to further break up into billets for various end uses in all manner of sizes. The same rule applies, hit a stone or grit of which there is often lots deep inside which you cannot see or access in any way even with the jet wash. Well I am pleased to say that one half of one of the roots has gone very well and produced a few stunning pieces, all we have to do now is wait another year or two for the next phase, unless someone comes along and offers me a tempting offer.

Stocking up with more English walnut

Posted on Tuesday 27th September 2016
This year has not been the best for collections when it comes to walnut. Most of what we acquire comes from windblown or old diseased dangerous logs so we in the hands of the weather most seasons with this past year offering us very little opportunity to locating new stock, so today was one of the few occasions where we were out collecting a good sized interesting log. It needed a little trim of the root flare before we could load.

Large Elm Collection

Posted on Thursday 22nd September 2016
Often we publish news of collections of walnut logs but just to show we do also carry other stock I have added images of a large Elm we picked up this week, or more to the point pulled on with the winch. It is a good 40inches plus in width 12ft in length with no shake and good colour.

Aged German Maple Violin Billets And Aged German Spruce

Posted on Monday 8th August 2016
I was recently contacted by a retired Violin maker who had stocks of German Spruce and European Maple for a number of years. The German stock is around 45years of age and was all personally selected in her travels to German over the period of her career. Having long since retired she was keen her life's collection did not end up on a bonfire. We will soon be collecting the stock and offering it for sale after having it graded by a professional builder who has been a customer for a number of years.

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Recently Added Products

Spalted Walnut b1

Rare spalted walnut

Rippled English Walnut Root R6

When dealing with walnut roots, which we do rarely these days only only then with very promising pieces after many hours of working on average material thinking that every root contains stunning material as its a root, they dont, I say that having cut a lot of them. Only the very best of them containing minimal shake, expectional colour and stripe are worth the trouble and effort of sawing, these are very rare. We deal with them by trimming back the last ft or so closest to the ground subject to the log to lessen the risk of damaging a very large expensive saw, these short pieces are then taken back to our yard where we then break them up into blockis firstly with a chainsaw then on to a bandsaw, the effort is sometimes repaid with stunning pieces such as this.rnrnThis item is fresh sawn so please treat as such, if you are unsure about how to do this a little research ahead of time would be my best advice.rnrnI