We are a specialist supplier of wood to businesses, instrument makers and individuals thoughout Europe

Welcome to Prime Timber

We supply timber to instrument makers, cabinet makers, hobbyists and other crafts people looking for rare or unique wood. With 30 years of experience working within various timber trades we are exceptionally well placed to provide you with the timber you want or source it if we don\'t have it. Our small business based in Fareham,, Hampshire has grown and now supplies customers across the country and overseas. Please enjoy browsing our website where you will find more information on the products we have available, the services we offer and who we are.

Musical Instruments

We supply the countries leading musical instrument makers with some of the finest grades of timber that can be found.


We increasing sell to cabinet makers and have been investing in more stock to further expand on this. If you are looking for something that you can not find on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to source it for you.

And more

The uses for fine woods are many, if you have a project that requires a specialist wood supplier we are here to help. Not all of our wood stocks are listed online so send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly letting you know what we have that may be of interest or if we could source if for you.

Milling English Walnut

A brief snapshot of milling some of our latest stock of english walnut.

Recent News

Recent storms

It has been some time since posting any news as we have been busy with other projects away from the workshop however, we have of late had a lot of leads resulting from the stormy weather leading to a number of large old veteran logs falling. This is never a ideal means of obtaining timber but often ... Read more →

The joy of dealing with English Walnut

There are highs and lows when cutting Walnut and despite doing my best to ensure we only spend time on promising logs sometimes it can be a gamble as without the benefits of X-ray vision you can never know fully what you will get. This was one such log, very limited length, bits of rot, multiple lim... Read more →

Recently Added

Rippled English Walnut Root R6

When dealing with walnut roots, which we do rarely these days only only then with very promising pieces after many hours of working on average material thinking that every root contains stunning material as its a root, they dont, I say that having cut a lot of them. Only the very best of them containing minimal shake, expectional colour and stripe are worth the trouble and effort of sawing, these are very rare. We deal with them by trimming back the last ft or so closest to the ground subject to the log to lessen the risk of damaging a very large expensive saw, these short pieces are then taken back to our yard where we then break them up into blockis firstly with a chainsaw then on to a bandsaw, the effort is sometimes repaid with stunning pieces such as this.rnrnThis item is fresh sawn so please treat as such, if you are unsure about how to do this a little research ahead of time would be my best advice.rnrnI